chiropractic cdl/dot physicals Apollo, PA


Scott Weinel, DC, NRCME

Dr. Weinel was certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as a member to the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners in May of 2014.

Exams are performed 6 days a week upon scheduled appointments. Time needed for performing the exam is approximately 45 minutes. Some have been completed faster, some longer.

FMCSA approved Long Form and a laminated Certificate are present and included with testing fee.

These exams, cards, and form are mandatory for all Class A/B drivers, Class C drivers pulling over 10,000 lbs., and any employee driving a commercially numbered company vehicle even if it is a Prius.

Two enlarged copies of the certificate are made for the driver to give to employer/HR person and for the DMV. If exam is performed at least 10 days prior to expiration of card, I offer to fax it directly to the DMV in Harrisburg.

Needed to be brought with operator for exam:

a. Drivers License

b. Current CME certificate (from wallet)

c. Glasses or contacts (if needed)

d. Urine specimen – offered on site at request only

e. CPAP:

  1. Monitoring Company’s Report – indicating percentage of use of the unit versus time sleeping or
  2. Computer side of unit to scroll for needed info

f. Any prepared Waivers for:

Loss of Limb conditions – bring Special Skills Performance Exam report
Urine specimen is required for evaluation of protein, blood, sugar, and specific gravity or degree of hydration.

It has been documented in some sources that the need for carrying the wallet card and or the long form are not necessary for Class A/B Drivers. That was likely published for encounters with Federal and State Law authorities. The wallet card or certificate is to be “on the person” of the operator. The long form is to be “in the cab” of the vehicle. Due to the fact Local, or Township Law Authorities don’t have similar access to certain data banks, those officers would likely ask for either of the above items. Class C drivers will most likely be asked for both items by all sources of Law enforcement as their information is not in the data bank with the class A/B Operators.

I have been told by several Examinees that State DOT officers have asked to see both of the above items, as well as have given Fines to operators for not having one or the other or both.

It is a listed regulation as a requirement for Operators to have in possession since 2014.

To carry them or not is the operators decision.

Urine Drug Testing is available in office for an additional charge.

Drug Testing is available for any company or individual interested Monday through Wednesday only. Time for the mailing/shipping of sample and the testing lab’s time leads to a later in week non-feasibility.

School Bus Physicals are also offered for $45.

CDL EXAM: $65.00

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